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terrafluxus / the flow - a photography page

I'm Michael Rietbrock, currently living in Bogotá, Colombia. I like photography and since 2002 I worked more and more with image editing software, using compact digital cameras. In 2011 I decided to buy a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) Camera. It was a Canon EOS 600D. Since the 600D I changed my equipment multiple times and currently I work with two cameras with two different sensor sizes.

In the past years I spent hundreds of hours with Adobe training material, I did thousands of pictures, edited them and later I re-edited them - it is interesting to see how the work advances. With different perspectives, photography stylistic elements and finally the image editing I create my interpretation of the recorded light. This way I automatically created my own style, of course influenced by all the millions of pictures existing in the internet. My photography is 99% without flash light, also I never work in a studio.

This homepage is currently especially without any female portrait photography. I have nothing against women, and I also did this kind of photography, and in a natural way I still do, but in general this topic is totally overflodded with pictures, with all the same boring content (in my opinion - of course exceptions are always existing). This is a philosophy I have since 2013.