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Medellín - Third try - Success

Medellín. Third try. Success. The last two times I aborted short before Medellín because of bad weather conditions.

I started at 5.30am to avoid heavy Bogotá traffic, and I was able to leave the city in direction to La Vega short before the massive traffic started. I felt like freezing on the motorcycle, because the temperature at Tuesday, June 06 in the morning was just around 7°C - which is cold in Colombia.

Even in La Vega the temperature was not more than 18°C, but the oven was actiavted at Ruta del Sol, where I had the typical 30°C. I had breakfast at 8.30 in Doradal, which is directly after Magdalena river. I catched a bad bacteria with this even tasty Calentado, but suffering the last two days with diarrhea.

I arrived in Medellín after 425km at 10.30 - discovering the city for 90 minutes with the motorcycle, and searching for a high position. Temperature was around 30°, and it was the first time, that my Duke was struggling with the temperature, because of a traffic problem going up the mountain very tough. The engine stopped overheated after 20 minutes. I felt very uncomfortable with this, because there are living a lot of strangers in the mountain, and foreigners are not very welcome there. 10 minutes later I had a strange encounter with some people, but was able "to escape" downhill.

I like the city, its warm there and much nicer than Bogotá, it has a metro system, nicer houses, and really a lot of activity at the streets. The highway has less traffic, everything flows better. Also Medellín is located in a beautiful valley.

I cannot say much about people there, only about the chicken restaurant, and they were really friendly. Its not to go to wrong places in the city, but thats also not to do in Bogotá.

On the way back I had an encounter with the colombian police, and also the first time that I got experience with corruption. I payed 100.000 pesos (33€) to "solve" this problems with the police. With a laughing "Bienvenidos a Colombia" they said good bye. Its normal to get stopped from the police, sometime 2-3 times in one tour, but normally there are no problems.

I returned home at 7.30pm after 900km of riding the motorcycle, just one hour after sunset. So it was not too much driving in the night time. I want to repeat visiting Medellín one day. Its worth a second visit.

View from Alto del TrigoView from Alto del Trigo (near 2000m of height) between Villeta and Guaduas (Colombia) at 7.00am.
Platform RestaurantRestaurant and platform for paragliding, with Cocorná (Colombia) in the background.
Tandem ParaglidingTandem-Paragliding, possible at Autopista 60 near Cocorná, COlombia.
Center of MedellínCenter of Medellín (Colombia), taken from a high position.
Observation PlatformThe platform I have been in Medellín (Colombia), with view up the mountain. The area I felt not so save...