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Desierto de la Tatacoa

Today I started to Neiva (320km away from Bogotá, Colombia) in the department of Huila around 6.00am. Neiva has another flair than most of the other cities I have seen in Colombia. But in general I'm not doing the motorcycle tours to see cities. It's more for a destination to reach and to return. So I just had a meal there. I begin to hate to be with camera in cities, so I didn't took any picture.

By mistake I took a wrong road on my way back, but I was lucky finding the desert of Tatacoa. So when I found this cactus, it was clear to stop and take a picture.

I talked to a police officer in Villavieja. He told me, that the road to the north and back to the autopista 45 is in bad condition, better to take a ferry over the Magdalena river - but at the end I decided to drive back to Neiva and take the Autopista 45 from there. My "mistake" took me in total 90 minutes and 80km extra.

I returned super exhausted with a massive headache after a total of 740km around 5.30pm in Bogotá. I reached my target to be home at day time.

Desierto de la TatacoaTatacoa desert, close to Neiva, Colombia.