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To La Palma...

This day I was driving to La Palma (Colombia), taking the "Autopista 56" from Zipaquirá via Pacho to La Palma. First I have to warn you, the Autopista 56 (as its shown in Google Maps) isn't a real highway - the opposite is the case: It's a little road, with a lot of construction sites, and parts with sand, stones and holes.

As I used a street motorcycle, so the tour was a torture for my motorcylcle and my body. Currently the street part between La Plama and the Ruta del Sol is closed, because a rock crashed to the street. So I had to go back all the bad street to Zipaquirá.

The nature there is awesome. Mostly untouched, rough and wild. The twons are sleepy ones ,typical colombian style. I was not spending much attention to the towns...

Mountain SerpentineSerpentine roads between Zipaquirá and Pacho in Colombia.
Cloud eats MountainTaken at a high point (near 3000m) between Zipaquirá and Pacho in Colombia.
Nature close to La PalmaThe mountains and nature between Pacho and La Palma in Colombia.