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Reverse ride to Villa de Leyva via Carmen de Carupa

Today I took the motorcycle and was going again close to Villa de Leyva, but I didn't entered the town. It's more about the mountain roads and the nature there. Also I enjoy the warmer temperature, but thats only for an hour, because all the other parts of the tour are much colder.

In Ubaté I decided to make a short detour to Carmen de Carupa. Its a small town in the Andes, 14km in the west of Ubaté. The road to there is small but in good condition - 100% asphalt with very less gravel. The countryside between the both towns is amazing. Also Carmen de Carupa is a beautiful town, buildings are nice, streets are clean, and the towncenter is also prettier than in other towns. But people there are a bit strange. As this town is at a dead end in the mountain I felt like an alien intruder. Every of my steps was followed with many eyes. It felt very uncomfortable for me...

I continued to Villa de Leyva, because I wanted at least one picture of the countryside there. Climate is dry and it looks a bit like mountain savannah.

I had the Sony alpha 7 (with 16-35mm) and the Olympus EM-1 (with 40-150mm) with me. I took my photography backpack - but I will not repeat this, for 400km this is just uncomfortable. Next time I take the tankbag for the equipment.

Carbo Export LtdaTypical colombian countryside industry. Seen near Tausa in direction to Ubaté.
The RockA massive rock - seen between Ubaté and Carmen de Carupa in Colombia.
Ubaté SabanaBeside the massive rock, I shot before. Close to Ubaté, Colombia
Carmen de Carupa SabanaBeautiful countryside in the Andes close to Carmen de Carupa in Colombia.
Carmen de Carupa ParkTypical for Colombia's towns is the park in the center. Most of them are really very beatiful.
Iglesia de Carmen de CarupaAs the parks in the town centers, also the churches are nicest buildings in Colombia.
Cellular ChilloutThe Smartphone is one of the most important things to Colombians. Nowhere I have seen so much people interacting with their phone.
Villa de Leyva SabanaCountryside close to Villa de Leyva, Colombia. The nature there is more dry and looks a bit like savannah.
Rocky CloseupRocky formation close to Villa de Leyva, Colombia.