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720km through Colombia

I love to ride through Colombia with my motorcycle. Today I did another 720km (14 hours) ride. It was Bogotá - La Vega - Guaduas - Puerto Boyacá - La Dorada - Honda - Ibague - Fusagasugá and back to Bogotá. I don't stop much, mostly for some pictures, to refuel the motorycle or my stomach :)

Today I was taking the Autopista 50 in direction to Guaduas, then the Ruta del Sol to Puerto Boyaca close to the Magdalena river, where I had lunch. After I got totally wet in a massive rain. I dried my clothes at the asphalt of Ruta del Sol in only 30 minutes. I continued for a dessert in La Dorada, a nice little town located at the Río Magdalena (Colombias biggest river). I decided to drive to Ibague which is 170km from there, but I didn't entered the city. I just was driving back to Bogotá - another 200km - where I arrived at late evening.

When I'm with the motorcylcle, I do the pictures with a small Sony RX 100 III. I don't want to carry any heavy equipment, even if the image quality suffers a little with the small sensor.

Alto VinoView at from Alto Vino in direction to La Vega in Colombia. The position is mostly above the clouds, sometimes in the clouds.
Villeta CloudsA shot taken also above the clouds, between Villeta and Guaduas in Colombia. Normally its possible to see the complete valley.
Swampy TreeA tree in a swampy little lake in the region of Magdalena river close to Puerto Boyaca, Colombia. It shows typical colors of the nature there.
Ricuras del PuertoTypical colombian fast food restaurant in Puerto Boyaca, close to Magdalena river.
Tree HouseDid this shot at Autopista 43 between Honda and Ibague in Colombia.
Alta MesaVery impressive to be there in person. The picture does not match the reality very much. Alta Mesa isn't far after Ibague in direction to Bogotá, Colombia.