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A ride to Puerto Gaitán, Colombia

Today I did a 630km ride with my motorcycle in direction to Venezuela. I took the Autopista 40 to Villavicencio, where I had lunch. The city was so crowded with cars and people, that I decided to leave fast. I didn't took any picture, even the city is beatiful and located close to a mountain. I continued to Puerto Lopez, a little town, having a fresh pineapple juice. After I was driving along the A40 almost 100km until Puerto Gaitán which is the last of the smaller towns before the border to Venezuela, which is still over 600km from there. I'm not the person who takes much city or street pictures, but I captured some landscapes...

View to ChipaquePhoto taken at the Autopista 40 in direction to Villavicencio, Colombia
Andes ValleyI took this shot from a bridge at a motorcycle tour through Colombia. It is 30km before Villavicencio at the Autopista 40.
Plains near to Puerto GaitánNature beside Autopista 40 typically looks like at the picture. It's mostly super flat, sometimes there a littlest hill, thats all.